The nature of air and how to keep it clean

air purifierHome Air Guides is the right place to buy air purifiers for cleaner air! When people do think about air, it’s usually as empty space. A void that exists to be filled with large things. But the reality would be quite startling to anyone who took a look at it on a microscopic scale. Air is usually filled with a vast multitude of different particles. Some of this is inert, such as dust. But even that can pose a hazard to people’s health. However, it’s biological matter within the air which is usually more of a risk. This includes pollen, and even viral or bacterial pathogens. Anything small enough can float invisibly through the air. And contrary to many people’s expectations, the indoors are often far more dangerous in that respect than the outside.

When one considers what can go wrong with air quality, it should become clear how an air purifier operates. It basically acts as an elaborate filtration system for the air. One of the nice things about the contaminants that pose a risk to humans is that they tend to operate under similar principles. The things that make them stick in nose and lungs can also be used to make them cling to filters within an air purifier.

air purifierThe short term benefits are obvious to anyone who suffers from allergies. After an air purifier has been running for a while it will usually make the environment a paradise for allergy sufferers. Red eyes and stuffy noses will often return to normal after hours or even minutes within a home that’s protected by an air purifier. This is because the purifier will trap more and more irritants as it runs. At the same time, this brings up one important point that a lot of people forget after they buy an air purifier. It’s not a device to run only during a certain season. One should think of it more like climate control in general, rather than as something like an air conditioner or heater. It’s true that the environmental contaminants can change as seasons drift in and out. But the presence of those contaminants as a class unto themselves will usually be a constant. But as long as one makes consistent use of an air purifier there’s never any need to worry about those dangers.